Friday, 17 June 2011

Negeri Sembilan: Traditional DANCE....

There are a lot of dances existed and has been practiced in Negeri Sembilan such as tarian piring, joget, zapin, inang, tarian cina and tarian india...

    • Originated from 'tari' and 'piring' which means dance and small plate. Many believed that this dance existed from the previous 800 years and came from Sumatera Barat or also known as Minangkabau and it is expanded until Srivijaya age. 
    • In this state, this dance purpose to entertain to the brides and it is become the part of culture practiced in Negeri Sembilan. 
    • The dancers usually used the 'piring' and ring and use colourful clothes to dance.


    • This type of dance is to show the politeness of a woman and show the man in this dance show the existence and happiness of a family.
    • Usually they played Inang Selendang, Tari Payung, Tari Lilin, Tari Sapu Tangan and others depends on the tools used.

    • Originated from Arabic dance and it is usually showed in the performance and events.
    • The steps in this dance is based on the music used.
    • Also used religious term such as "salam" and praise to the God.
    • Used different 'zapin songs' such as Zapin Asli and Gendang Rebana.

    • Most of the local people loves this dance because it is easy to learn and suitable for all ages and races in our country.
    • This type of dance is played by every level of community such as teenagers, youth and others.
    • Usually performed at cultural festivals, wedding celebrations and other functions.
    • Originated during Portuguese era.
    • It is a couple dance, to tease and play between partners. 
Other dances in Negeri Sembilan :
Tarian cina
tarian india

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