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Administrator of Nogori 9

from left Wan Nurhidayah, Siti Masitah and Nur Shila

This blog is dedicated to Mr Razif Shamsuddin, our respected lecturer  CSC208 (Management Information System). Thank you for guiding us in accomplishing this subject.

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The Delicious Dishes of Negeri Sembilan

People of Negeri Sembilan really love the spicy dishes...
In most of their dishes they must used "cili padi"..
The famous dishes of Negeri Sembilan is Masak Lemak Cili Padi..
Try it now and this delicious taste will bring you back to Negeri Sembilan...
or make you searching for the recipes to cook by your ownself in your own kitchen...

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Friday, 17 June 2011

Negeri Sembilan: Traditional DANCE....

There are a lot of dances existed and has been practiced in Negeri Sembilan such as tarian piring, joget, zapin, inang, tarian cina and tarian india...

    • Originated from 'tari' and 'piring' which means dance and small plate. Many believed that this dance existed from the previous 800 years and came from Sumatera Barat or also known as Minangkabau and it is expanded until Srivijaya age. 
    • In this state, this dance purpose to entertain to the brides and it is become the part of culture practiced in Negeri Sembilan. 
    • The dancers usually used the 'piring' and ring and use colourful clothes to dance.


    • This type of dance is to show the politeness of a woman and show the man in this dance show the existence and happiness of a family.
    • Usually they played Inang Selendang, Tari Payung, Tari Lilin, Tari Sapu Tangan and others depends on the tools used.

    • Originated from Arabic dance and it is usually showed in the performance and events.
    • The steps in this dance is based on the music used.
    • Also used religious term such as "salam" and praise to the God.
    • Used different 'zapin songs' such as Zapin Asli and Gendang Rebana.

    • Most of the local people loves this dance because it is easy to learn and suitable for all ages and races in our country.
    • This type of dance is played by every level of community such as teenagers, youth and others.
    • Usually performed at cultural festivals, wedding celebrations and other functions.
    • Originated during Portuguese era.
    • It is a couple dance, to tease and play between partners. 
Other dances in Negeri Sembilan :
Tarian cina
tarian india

SHOPPING time ^^

Negeri Sembilan is a modern city equipped with modern shopping complexes and department stores where most of them located at the main town, Seremban. These are lists where you can shopped in Negeri Sembilan:

Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre

This centre is established in December 2001 to promote goods from China, and expanded until now. Here, you can choose variety of fabrics, apparel, home decor items, car accesories, or even crafts supplies. This is the largest wholesale centre where you can have the cheaper price compared to other places.

Seremban Parade

Seremban Parade is a shopping complex that can be visited by people and travellers where there are varieties of selection such as apparel,clothes, food and beverages, electronics, accesories, groceries, and other merchandise. It is famous shopping centre in a state and it is anchored by Parkson Departmental Store . The visitors can have easy access and to reach to this place as it near to the KTM station and the main bus terminal.

Centre Point

This mall is located at Jalan Dato' Siamang Gagap in Seremban and it presents fuss-free shopping for its customers. Many shops and facilities avalailable here such asCIMB and Maybank ATM machine and many food outlets such as Pizza Hut to make its customer can enjoy their shopping time.

 Era Square
Era Square also can be known as Terminal 2 which is an upcoming project in Seremban where it is located almost 2km from PLUS NSE. It is serviced by domestic bus operators and it is suitable for those people who love retail therapy or amusement.

Other shopping centres in Negeri Sembilan :

***Giant Hypermarket

***Jusco Seremban 2 


 ***The Store

***Tesco Extra



Thursday, 16 June 2011

Getting HERE

Get reach to Negeri Sembilan by several means of transportation!

By roads
located approximately 60 km to the south of Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Expressway (Lebuhraya Utara Selatan) and only 40 km from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). 

From the airport, various taxi, bus and private cars are available to ferry travellers to Negeri Sembilan. There are also air-conditioned bus services which ply the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban route from Puduraya Bus Terminal, Kuala Lumpur. 

By train :
Accessible from Singapore, with KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) interstate train service, which have two stops in the state, at Tampin and Seremban. 

From Kuala Lumpur you can take the commuter train at KL sentral station to Seremban, the capital of the state. 

By boats :
Ferry connections between Port Dickson and Dumai in Riau province in Sumatra, Indonesia

By plane :
The Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang, Selangor is located not too far away from the state and there are direct bus connections with Seremban.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


The people in Negeri Sembilan used the different dialect from other states and it become the unique features among its people. These are examples that can be illustrated in their daily conversation. 

Dialect Dictionary for
Negeri Sembilan

Koba - kata/menyatakan / say
Eg: Den dah Koba'an, jangan poei kek topi sungai tu. Kan dah Kono.

Goba - selimut / blanket
Eg: Sapo punyo goba ini, dah koto?

Podeh - Pedas / spicy
Eg: Sambal udang tu podeh bona.

Ambik - Ambil / take
Eg: Poei ambik buah kelapo tu, den nak masak gulai ni.

Copek - Cepat / hurry
Eg: Cubolah jalan copek cikit, kot tetingga bas nanti.

Poei - Pergi / go
Eg: Den nak poie kek topi sungai tu ha.



This replica is opened since 2004...and it involve such huge budget where its cost is amounted to 2.7million....It is built under 'Pejabat Daerah Rembau' and ' Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri Sembilan'.As you were there, you can see the real concept and history of Rembau. It is divided into several parts such as:

***Ruang Balai Dato' UNdang Luak
*** Ruang Adat Perpatih
*** Ruang Sejarah Rembau
***Ruang Institusi Adat
***Ruang Raja Melewar
***Ruang Rumah Tradisional

Monday, 13 June 2011

IndiGenouS - PerPaTih

N9 is so popular with Indigenous - Perpatih.

Negeri Sembilan is the original establishment by Dato 'A Pepatih Nan. He is also the founder of the well-known custom perpatih public. As generally known, indigenous women perpatih more concerned than men.


In essence, this is a traditional custom of the best in the Federated Malay States because it is cover all aspects.

Priorities of women in traditional perpatih more to inherit real estate and the descendants of blood lead. According to tradition perpatih, pregnant women and women are giving birth, the offspring that carry blood to the heir of his son.

In terms of wealth, the only legacy that includes the holding of land and house inherited by a woman is not intended for women is uncertain if the divorced spouse.

However, the matrimonial property is jointly owned by both men and women and divided according to Islamic law.

The positive results from the inclusion of indigenous perpatih this, not mortgaged the estate because they can not sell even in a village, usually composed of relatives as an inheritance the land was divided from the beginning of descent to the present generation.

In other words, in an area, usually consisting of a family of descendants.

HiStOry of Negeri 9

Every single thing must have its own history. And not excluded the state of N9.

I'm not that expert in historical things, but I get through the reading from other sources...

The name of N9 (acronym for Negeri Sembilan)is originated from the16th century. It is including the associated with the places which was opened by the Minangkabau people of the Malay Peninsula which is now part of Johor, Naning is now part of Melaka, Rembau, Sungai Sawan, Jelebu Johol and now is the integral part of Negeri Sembilan.

For further reading in the history of N9, u may read here

There are eight districts in N9. (Seremban, Rasah, Telok Kemang, Jempol, Jelebu, Rembau, Tampin, Kuala Pilah)

In clarifying how N9 developed, these sentences may help u to imagine it....

Taratak mula dibuek
sudah taratak menjadi kampuang
sudah kampuang menjadi dusun
sudah dusun menjadi koto
sudah koto menjadi nagari